About us

Over 40 years of manufacturing experience

Established in 1966 Robert Pringle Engineers core business was as a dedicated precision engineering subcontractor and this focus remains at the heart of the company.

From the outset we offered a very diverse range of capabilities. One of our earliest contracts – and one that continues today – is for the supply of spare parts to a leading machine tool manufacturer. The diversity of their requirements means that we need to be able to make almost any kind of mechanical component – including complex machined parts and ground gears.

In recent years to satisfy both customer and industry requirements we have enhanced and augmented our capacity and capability with heavy investment in CNC machine tools and facilities for sheet metal fabrication.

Recognising the needs of today’s customers, we have also developed our electrical and mechanical assembly capabilities. Buyers can place one order for a complete quality-assured assembly rather than having to source and chase the parts individually. Examples currently produced by us include complete CNC bar feed units and safety-critical bomb disposal firing mechanisms.

Investing in people

As well as investment in capital equipment and facilities, we have also invested heavily in developing our staff – not just training employees to operate machines but also to manage the business in a professional way.

Since 1989, when the group came under its current ownership, Robert Pringle has become the nucleus for a group of engineering companies that draw on and contribute to its core manufacturing and design skills.

This allows us to offer a totally flexible service. Our philosophy is that nobody wants a standard part; everyone wants something that is bespoke to their own needs. So for us, whatever you want is a standard. We don’t have a catalogue because we can make your individual product as quickly as you could order a standard item from a catalogue – and at a very competitive price.

Building on experience

Today we continue to build on our years of experience to provide a diverse range of products to an equally diverse base of customers in industries that include: defence, process engineering, packaging, medical, food, automotive, aviation, food manufacturing and hospitality.