Heat Gun

Easy Maintenance

Costech heat guns need the minimum of maintenance.

The long-life ceramic elements in Costech heat guns can easily be replaced. First the nozzle housing is removed by loosening three screws, and then the element is simply plugged in and the nozzle replaced.

The universal motor uses carbon brushes which have a running time of about 400 hours. These, too, are replaceable.Because Costech guns are so robustly made, are Insulated and have safety cut-outs, there is little that can go wrong. Many of our original guns are functioning in the industry today as well as they did 25 years ago.

If there are any problems, just contact our technical department.

Technical Department

Our technical department at Network house is just a telephone call away.

Contact us if you need any advice on any aspect of the heat gun use:
applications, temparatures, maintenance or whatever.

Ready Parts Supply

Because the Costech heat gun is British made, we guarantee a prompt spare parts supply service.

Since our customers are from many sides of the industry and commerce we know just how expensive breakdowns can be.

For this reason we carry plentiful stocks of all spare parts at Network House these can be despatched within 24 hours.

Costech Customers

Costech heat gun customers include all the big names:

AWE, British Aerospace, British American Tobacco, BNFL, BP, CEGB, Cow and Gate, Cyanamid, Dunlop, Fisons, Ford, GEC, Glaxo, Hoechst, ICI, Jaguar, Lucas, Metal Box, MoD, Parker Pen, Plessey, Schweppes, UKAEA, Unilever.

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