Industry Sectors


Industry Sectors

Precision Machining Services

We specialise in high quality precision machining for many sectors

  • Industrial
  • Hardware
  • Industrial Valve
  • Communications
  • Electronic
  • Energy
  • Propane Gas
  • Water Supply
  • Automotive

We have many high quality CNC Machines (mills and lathes) available in a variety sizes, which will produce both simple and complex shapes.

Our factory performs precision machine services for low to medium productions runs, and provides quick turn around prototypes engineered to maintain critical customer requirements.


Within the construction industry we have excelled in producing parts for sub surface & surface side extraction units, which primarily use rigs to securely locate, capture and secure various types of extraction devices.


We offer a complete range of precision-engineered component parts for the automotive industry and our experience and expertise has secured us work producing

  • Steering Linkage Arms
  • Drive Shafts
  • Gear Box Drive Shafts
  • Full Range Of Engine Parts
  • Internal & External Components.

Whether you require a one off part, assistance with a design or a batch production to high specification drawings, we have the capability and expertise to undertake your project.


Historically we have produced various components for winch based drive systems however we have also supplied, gear drive reduction units for on board components.


From components for robot’s to safety equipment and specialised hand held devices, we have produced an extensive array of prototype and production components for this sector.


Our company has manufactured an extensive array of components for the Aerospace industry, all to the highest standards and approvals.

Our experience and expertise in working with material like Inconel and extremely high grade alloys has benefited us in securing work within this sector and makes us the natural choice.


We have worked extensively within the rail sector, with jobs ranging from advertisement panels, interior fittings, linkage arms for carriages and safety critical devices.

Our experience and expertise in manufacture design and reverse engineering within the rail sector makes us a the first choice for our many rail-based customers.

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